How you can literally spread a little happiness as you go by

Its not unusual to be dissatisfied or unhappy in our place of work, however this can have a detrimental effect on other aspects of our lives.

 A cluster of the 100 billion neurons in our brain are “mirror neurons” these neurons identify and replicate facial expressions and body language. They are constantly active and can have a positive or negative effect on our mood depending on who we are encountering in our day to day living.

The mirror neurons make a huge contribution to our ability to interact with the world; they are our connection to others. When someone smiles at another person the mirror neurons unconsciously pick up that smile. The mirror neurons automatically activate the muscle system and soon that smile appears on the face of the other person, along with a positive chemical response in the brain. A smile is a very obvious example as few people can resist smiling back at someone who is smiling at them, and they are often fully aware of this response.

The mirror neurons work in the same way with any signal they are given and every moment of each and every day.

Where the behaviours, thoughts and attitudes being displayed are positive then the benefits are obvious. Unfortunately, though the mirror neurons also carry the same muscle and chemical response to negative facial expressions and body language. The effect of this is that it is possible to become very stressed, depressed or dissatisfied purely by being around others that feel this way.  

In the workplace, especially interactions with unhappy members of staff can lead to a mass dissatisfaction among the workforce through the contagion that occurs because of the mirror neurons, rendering the workplace an extremely unhappy place to be.

Happiness quite literally is contagious and it its always beneficial to remember this.  So just evaluate your interactions with others, see the impact that others are having on you and the impact you may be having on others.

By becoming consciously aware in this way you can choose to adapt your behaviour to have a more positive impact on those around you and in turn a more positive response from others.

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